Democrat Senate Candidate Beto O’Rourke Contradicts Police Report and Denies Trying to Flee the Scene of a Crash in 1998 Before He Was Arrested for Drunk Driving

Texas Democratic Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke has denied a police report claim he tried to flee the scene of a drunken car accident in 1998.

During Friday’s debate between O’Rourke and US Senator Ted Cruz, the Senate hopeful contradicted police reports when asked if he had attempted to flee before being arrested for drunk driving.

 ‘I did not try to leave the scene of the accident,’ O’Rourke said. ‘Though driving drunk, which I did, is a terrible mistake for which there is no excuse or justification or defense.’

O’Rourke has been vocal of the accident while vying to unseat Senator Cruz.

However, earlier this month the Houston Chronicle obtained copies of the police report that included a witness statement with the detail the then-26-year-old tried to flee.

They show O’Rourke was found drunk after losing control of his car on Interstate 10 and hitting a truck. Nobody was hurt in the accident in Anthony, Texas, about 20 miles from El Paso.

A witness told police that O’Rourke tried to drive away, but the witness stopped him until officers arrived.

The witness also said that O’Rourke had been driving at ‘a high rate of speed.’

O’Rourke had just turned 26 when the arrest happened. He did a court-ordered diversion program and a drunken-driving charge was dismissed.

According to police, O’Rourke recorded a 0.136 and 0.134 on breathalyzers, above a blood-alcohol level of 0.10, Texas’ legal limit for driving at the time.

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Source: Daily Mail