Casting Crowns Frontman Mark Hall on Why Many Christians Do Not Live a Jesus-focused Life

Mark Hall, frontman for the popular contemporary worship band Casting Crowns, explains why he believes many believers have forgotten to focus on living a Jesus only life.

“When you look at Scripture, it makes us look almost upside down sometimes and how we live and what we put first,” Hall told The Christian Post in an interview leading up to the band’s appearance at Rock the Universe 2018 at Universal Studios.

Casting Crowns released their single “Only Jesus” at the end of the summer with a message declaring that Jesus alone is the only legacy they long to leave on the Earth. When asked about the inspiration behind the emotional single, Hall explained that he once heard a preacher say, “If you want to know how upside down we are down here, gold is at the top of what our needs are — gold and money and wealth — and gold is what the street is made out of in Heaven, it’s what you walk on.”

“We’re living in a time of making a name for ourselves, and being known, and how do we want to be remembered, and what’s our legacy going to be? But when you look at Scripture, no hero of the faith ever set out to be one,” Hall emphasized. “No leader ever got up and said, ‘I want to be a leader today. I want to be a hero today. I want to have followers today.'”

The award-winning singer said that those spoken of in the Bible simply set out to fulfill the “will of God” every day of their lives and that was enough.

“Everyone in scripture that we pattern our life after got up every morning and said, ‘You’re first Jesus. What do you want? What is your will?’ Not ‘What is your will for my life?’ Not, ‘What can you do for me and how can you bless what I’m doing?’ But they got up and said, ‘God, what are you doing today? I want in.'”

Hall said the band is motivated by a “love for God and a their “heartbreak for people.” Studying the Word of God has truly helped him put his Christian walk into perspective, he said.

The Casting Crowns frontman went on to name people in the Bible who deflected the spotlight every time people tried to elevate them. He recalled John the Baptist who said he was just a voice crying out in the wilderness, and Paul, who described himself and the chief of sinners, all the while always pointing to Jesus.

“It just reminds me that when I get up in the morning God already has a plan, and this is His story. I’m a part of His story,” Hall declared. “So I’ve got to focus myself on Scripture and on truth so that when I get out into the world, I’m like, ‘Alright God, how can I show them what you’re doing?'”

He added: “I don’t need to leave a legacy. I don’t need to be remembered. People remembering me isn’t going to help them. There’s only so far I can take you. You’ll just walk away going, ‘Why, I can I be like that guy.’ But if I do like Paul did and say, ‘Here’s what you need to know about me. I’ve got every kind of struggle and failure in my path. I got nothing going for me. You don’t need to pay attention to me at all. I’ll lead you the wrong way. You need to look to Jesus.’ That’s my reminder that Jesus is the only name to remember!'”

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Source: Christian Post