‘Black People Get Away From Me’: Sorority Under Fire for Racist Remarks at Welcome Event

Sorority sisters in New Mexico are under fire for allegedly making racist remarks during a welcome event for new members, according to reports.

The University of New Mexico chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma is under investigation following complaints that members mocked an African-American speaker Sept. 17 at a Greek life summit, news station KOAT reported.

“This situation, it is not an isolated situation,” Black Student Union Vice President Dannelle Kirven told the news station.

The sorority girls were allegedly heard making comments such as “Black people, get away from me” and “Black people, stop wearing grills,” according to the news station.

Student Nieajua Gonzalez said she overheard the remarks and confronted the sorority sisters, one of whom apologized saying that she didn’t mean to be offensive, the school newspaper Daily Lobo reported.

“I said ‘I don’t care how you meant it, there’s no right way to say it’,” Gonzalez told the newspaper.

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SOURCE: Jackie Salo
New York Post