President Trump Returns to Trump Tower for Only the Third Time Since Taking Office Amid Enormous Security Around Manhattan as He Meets the Japanese Prime Minister Ahead of UN General Assembly

Donald Trump has returned to the iconic Manhattan skyscraper that served as the backdrop for his reality TV shows and the launch of his ground-breaking presidential bid for only his third time since taking office.

President Trump is staying in his penthouse suite at Trump Tower this week as he and the First Lady Melania Trump attend the United Nations General Assembly in New York City.

He arrived by helicopter near Wall Street on Sunday evening, disembarking Marine One amid heavy security to be whisked away in the presidential limousine to his Fifth Avenue home near Central Park.

The billionaire president spent the night in New York in August of 2017 during a working vacation but hasn’t been back in a year.

His last stay at Trump Tower was during the 2017 gathering of the UN’s 193 member nations.

Trump’s accommodations in New York were kept secret, but a heavy law enforcement presence around the glass-encased skyscraper gave the president’s destination away, even before he arrived at his old apartment.

Hundreds of New Yorkers had earlier dressed in white to participate in a silent procession through the streets to focus attention on the struggle of U.S citizens in Puerto Rico a year after Hurricane Maria.

Heavy security and traffic closures were expected across New York City all week to accommodate Trump and other visiting leaders.

Donald Trump is making his second appearance at the United Nations this year, where he will deliver a speech and preside over a Security Council meeting in addition to one-on-one sessions with world leaders.

Just like the last time he was in New York, Trump will have little time to reminisce. In the four days that he’ll be sleeping at his iconic property, he has a schedule full of meetings that began as soon as he arrived.

Trump is holding a working dinner with the Japanese prime minister this evening in the building that was once his office and residence. The meal was closed to press from both sides.

Trump said in a tweet that they’d be talking about the military and trade, in a nod to Japan’s long sought after agreement for a formal economic relationship with the U.S.

‘We have done much to help Japan, would like to see more of a reciprocal relationship. It will all work out!’ Trump said.

Shinzo Abe holds a special place the list of leaders that Trump considers to be not just allies but also friends, having been the first head of government to rush to New York to meet him at Trump Tower after the real estate tycoon’s 2016 election .

Japan is also a key partner for the United States in the Asia Pacific, where the United States is engaged in an escalating trade dispute with China while navigating a tricky disarmament agreement with North Korea.

Abe was just reelected himself in the past week – a feat that Trump congratulated him for on Twitter.

But Trump also signaled that he wouldn’t let their friendship or security relationship get in the way of trade rules he believes are fair to the United States. He has taken the same approach to his talks with with Xi Jinping of China.

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Source: Daily Mail