Man Walks Into a Connecticut Police Station With Members of His Church and Says He Wants to Confess to Stabbing a Mother-of-Two to Death While She Was Jogging in 2014

A man has allegedly confessed to stabbing a mother-of-two to death while she was jogging in 2014.

Melissa Millan, 54, an insurance executive, was jogging along Iron Horse Boulevard in Simsbury, Connecticut around 8pm in November of that year.

She was found stabbed to death in the chest on the side of the road the next day.

For four years there were no suspects named and no arrests made – until a man walked into the Simsbury Police Department on Thursday night saying he wanted to confess to the murder, according to the Hartford Courant.

The male suspect allegedly was accompanied by several members of his church and said he could no longer live with himself.

Police are now corroborating the man’s confession to see if it matches evidence collected at the scene.

According to a report from the police department obtained by the Courant, the man lived near the crime scene and is a registered sex offender in another state.

The Courant reported that detectives interviewed the man from Thursday night into Friday morning but he has not been charged nor does he have a record in Connecticut.

The newspaper has not named the suspect because he has not been charged.

Law enforcement sources reportedly told the Courant that his attack on Millan appeared to have been committed at random.

Millan went jogging on November 20 on Iron Horse Boulevard, a popular bike trail in Simsbury, when she was attacked with a knife.

She was found the following morning by a passing driver, who called police.

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Source: Daily Mail