Pair of Brothers Are Online Missionaries by Livestreaming Video Games

Video games — with their reputation for violence, sexual content and profanity — are probably not the first thought in anyone’s mind when it comes to evangelistic outreach.

For a pair of brothers from Wentzville, Mo., the millions of people who play video games represent an opportunity. With a camera, a video game, an internet connection and infectious personalities, Joshua and Daniel Greening are leading hearts to Christ in a virtual world.

Joshua, 19, and Daniel, 16, use Twitch — an online platform for players to stream their games for people to watch around the world — as their vehicle of outreach. Viewers can watch in real time as the Greenings play their games, and Twitch also offers a chat function so that viewers can talk to the streamers and to each other.

“We love to talk to people and we love to play games,” Joshua said. “Twitch allows us to do the things we love and honor Christ at the same time.”

And for anyone who might be led to their channel, it’s quickly obvious that it is Christ-focused. The name of the channel itself — TheWay_TV — is a reference to John 14:6 — the favorite Bible verse of Joshua and Daniel’s grandfather, Ken Greening.

Greening and his wife Mary Sue ran a youth center in the 1970s also called The Way. That center is no more, but it lives on through Joshua and Daniel’s outreach.

Their Twitch channel, Joshua noted, has become “like an online virtual youth center where kids can spend time, have fun and hear about Jesus while they are watching games being played.”

On their channel’s main page is a section where the Greenings explain who they are and the purpose of their channel, and where they proclaim their faith. For them, Twitch is an untapped mission field and they are the missionaries.

In one section they write, “Just like all those out there travelling the world spreading the gospel, we are spreading it right here all over the world through the power of the Holy Spirit and the internet.”

And in fact, their efforts are reaching all over the globe, with viewers from all across the United States as well as from Canada, Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Serbia, Japan and the Philippines.

The brothers interweave their testimony into their gameplay, and if you tune into one of their streams, you will often find them offering advice and encouragement to other Christian streamers.

“As Christian channels, we have to not care what the world thinks about us,” Joshua said in a recent stream. “As long as we’re cool in God’s eyes, I don’t care what human beings say about us.”

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Source: Baptist Press