Shame On CNN, Jake Tapper, and “New Day” Hosts, Alisyn Camerota and John Berman, for Dedicating Entire Segments to Discussion of the President’s Penis

And why does it seem like a black correspondent is always called on to report on these scandalous stories?

CNN aired a segment about Stormy Daniels’ new book that described what Donald Trump’s genitals look like on The Lead with Jake Tapper Tuesday.

“Lots of books claim to be tell-alls, but they don’t follow through. Stormy Daniels’ new book about her life is not that book. Wow. She tells all,” Jake Tapper said to introduce the segment.

“From the details of her career in porn to, yes, being in bed with the future president of the United States, and even being able to pick certain parts of him out of a lineup–then being threatened to shut up about it. All these accounts are in there. CNN has an early copy,” Tapper added.

Sara Sidner, a CNN correspondent, described a section of the book where Daniels writes about her alleged sexual encounter with Trump in 2006.

Sidner said:

When Daniels came out of the bathroom, she claims Trump was lying on the bed in his underwear. They had sex. She then describes his genitalia in great detail. “His penis is distinctive in a certain way,” she writes. Proof, her attorney Michael Avenatti says, she is tired of being called a liar by Trump’s people.

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SOURCE: Justin Caruso