Village Church Pastor Matt Chandler Reveals Police Are Investigating Sexual Assault Allegations Involving a Minor at Kids Camp

2012 Camp Investigation from The Village Church on Vimeo.

Matt Chandler, pastor of The Village Church in Highland Village, Texas, revealed on Sunday that police are currently investigating a sexual assault allegation involving a minor from his church. The incident reportedly occurred at a camp for kids held six years ago.

“The investigation is regarding information that has come to light about the 2012 Mount Lebanon Kids Camp that The Village Church attended. The Cedar Hill Police department, under the direction of Detective Michael Hernandez, is investigating a report of sexual assault by an adult against a minor at the camp,” Chandler said to his congregation, reading from a prepared statement. “Earlier this year, the minor came to a place where it was possible to verbalize the memory of what happened for the first time through ongoing therapy. Detective Hernandez has been investigating the case since that time.”

While they are only investigating one case of assault at this time, Chandler said they have tried reaching out to every family that participated in the camp to inform them of the investigation.

“If you are the mom or dad of a kid that was at the 2012 camp, we had a meeting Monday night with Detective Hernandez to inform you of this, if somehow you slipped through the cracks of that, will you please accept my apologies on that, we did all we could with the database trying to go back six years, and find you and inform you, we already realized, even though we had another meeting Wednesday night, we didn’t want you to send your kids to Focus without knowing this information,” he said. “So, if we missed you, I just hate that you’re just hearing about this right now, in this space, please forgive me for that, know that we did the best we could, to try to loop you in to that Monday meeting.”

He further stated that “no persons of interest” in the investigation have access to children at The Village Church but he did not say if any of the persons of interests were ever affiliated with the church.

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Source: Christian Post