Sarah Sanders Defends Her Faith and Working for Trump: ‘We’re All Sinners, That Is Christianity’

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has defended her work for U.S. President Donald Trump as a Christian, insisting that the basis of the faith is that “we are all sinners.”

Sanders made the comments in a detailed profiled in The New Yorker, a hard copy of which is due to be published next week.

The in-depth piece looks at the press secretary’s upbringing, including being the daughter of former governor of Arkansas and pastor Mike Huckabee.

It points out that she and husband Bryan, along with their children, attend an evangelical church in Washington D.C. that is an affiliate of the Hillsong megachurch.

“I believe in the Bible,” Sanders said, explaining that one thing that is “non-negotiable” for her are her pro-life views.

“One of the things that makes Americans unique is that we value life. We think each life has intrinsic value and worth, whether you are a baby in the womb or an elderly woman,” she argued.

Sanders was asked how she reconciles her religious beliefs with working for Trump, who has received both praise but also strong criticism from  Christians on a variety of issues. Controversies that have dogged him include accusations that he committed adultery with a porn star and a Playboy model.

“I’m not going to my office expecting it to be my church. Frankly, if people of faith don’t get involved in the dirty process, then you’re missing the entire point of what we’re called to do. You’re not called to go into the places where everyone already thinks like you and is a believer — you have to go onto a stage where they’re not,” Sanders said in response to a question about the porn star allegations.

“You have to take that message into the darkest places, and the dirtiest places, and the most tainted and dysfunctional places. If you can influence even one person, that’s what you’re supposed to do,” she added, clarifying that she is broadly talking about her social duty as a Christian.

When it comes specifically to Trump and the views of many Americans that he needs the most help, she said, “We all need help.”

Sanders added: “That’s the whole basis of Christianity. No one is perfect. We are all sinners.”

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Source: Christian Post