Russell Moore Calls Sexuality a ‘Counter-Gospel’ of Today’s Culture in New Book ‘The Storm-Tossed Family’

Leading Southern Baptist ethicist Russell Moore has released a new book to aid Christians through their struggles with various aspects of family “spiritual warfare.”

Moore, the 46-year-old president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, is the author of The Storm-Tossed Family: How the Cross Reshapes the Home, which went on sale last Saturday.

The 300-page publication touches on topics that range from sexuality, marriage, divorce, and parenting. It seeks to help followers of Christ — whether they are husbands, wives, kids, mothers, fathers and even members of a church family — navigate the the issues that span the full range of family life.

“I was having so many conversations with people who felt as though they were going through difficult situations with family related to any number of issues,” Moore told The Christian Post. “Often, these people believe that somehow they were facing something unusual. So the motivating factor of the book is to speak to Christians who are eventually, if not right now, are going to face difficult times from a Christian perspective.”

In a chapter titled “Reclaiming Sexuality,” Moore argues sexuality has become “unhinged” from the Gospel as the sexual revolution of the last several decades continues to rage on.

“Since the Fall, humanity runs aground perpetually toward either trivializing or deifying sexuality. See, for instance, the incoherence abounding in our own era,” Moore wrote. “On the one hand, sex is seen as not meaning all that much. Persons are expected to have multiple sexual partners throughout their lives. A casual ‘hookup’ is not seen as having necessarily any permanent lingering effect after the wave of orgasm is gone. And yet, at the same time, sex is seen as crucially important.”

Moore explained that the act of having sex has become so important in the culture that books and videos are produced to help people learn new sexual techniques and even help those “who feel as though they are missing sexual fulfillment [and] often believe themselves to be missing out on life itself.”

“A Christian vision of sexuality is neither of these things,” Moore stressed. “But in a universe under the occupation of unseen rulers, we should not be surprised to see sexuality unhinged from the Gospel, and indeed in many cases becoming counter-Gospel of its own.”

In his interview with CP, Moore explained that the world today sees sexuality as “almost ultimate.”

“That is one of the reasons that we have lived through this sexual revolution that seems to have no end in sight,” he stated. “When in reality, sexuality is biblically defined, is an expression of the mystery of the Gospel itself. Just as some people spend their lives chasing the mirage of a perfect spouse, many other people spend their lives chasing the mirage of a perfectly transcendent sexual experience, which is idolatry. This is one of the reasons why the Bible treats sexuality and idolatry together so often through the Old and the New Testaments.”

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Source: Christian Post