‘Polar Opposite of the Brett I Know’: Two of Kavanaugh’s Ex-Girlfriends Speak Out to Defend the Embattled Supreme Court Nominee Following Sexual Harassment Accusations

Two of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s former girlfriends are speaking out to clear his name following accusations of sexual harassment from his teenage days.

Kavanaugh’s name has become shrouded in scandal after 51-year-old college professor Christine Blasey Ford came forward saying the judge attacked her and attempted to rape her at a party when he was 17 and she was 15.

However two of his ex-girlfriends Maura Fitzgerald and Maura Kane, say Ford’s allegations are the ‘polar opposite of the Brett I know’.

The two ex-girlfriends joined 63 other women in signing a letter in support of Kavanaugh and vouching for his good character in light of the bombshell accusations.

‘I was absolutely shocked I just couldn’t believe it. It’s just so polar opposite of the Brett Kavanaugh I’ve known for over 35 years. I was confused, surprised, shocked and I still cant believe it,’ Maura Fitzgerald, who dated Kavanaugh in college and knew him in high school said on Fox.

‘I couldn’t believe that these allegations had come out when I had been at the hearings for a couple of days and we just watched woman after woman come forward praising Brett and his respect for women and his professionalism and his kindness towards them and then this at the last minute came out. I was completely shocked,’ Maura Kane, who dated the judge in high school said.

Kavanaugh and Ford will both speak in a testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee next Monday on Capitol Hill.

The women say that Kavanaugh never became belligerent when drunk and was always in control.

‘At social gatherings he’d be the guy to look out for other people. He was always in control,’ Fitzgerald said.

‘He was a responsible guy. He never became someone different after drinking,’ Ford said reflecting on the times she and Kavanaugh would drink during their high school days, adding the legal drinking age was 18 in Washington D.C. at the time.

The two women also said he never blacked out and was never physically aggressive towards them.

‘He was nothing but kind and polite and respectful,’ Fitzgerald said.

Kane said she knew of accuser Christine Blasey Ford but didn’t know her personally. Both women said they did not know of the party where Ford claimed she was attacked.

The two women say the 63 other women who signed the letter to back the judge’s reputation stand by their signatures, but are not speaking out to avoid the press.

‘I just think this is a travesty. In over 35 years he’s been nothing but honest and respectful,’ Fitzgerald said on the judge.

‘I’m concerned that this is even happening at this stage in his hearing after he went through so much, but he is smart and he’s telling the truth and I think he’ll be all right,’ Kane added.

In the alleged assault, Ford claimed that Kavanaugh held her down on a bed in a locked room while he covered her mouth and tried to force himself on her.  Mark Judge, a classmate of Kavanaugh’s who Ford says was in the room when the attack happened, strongly denied witnessing at attempted assault.

Kavanaugh has also denied the claims.

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Source: Daily Mail