Pastor Greg Laurie Describes ‘Awkward Moment’ With Melania Trump During White House Dinner

California evangelist and megachurch pastor Greg Laurie shared his experience from last month’s White House dinner for evangelical leaders and detailed what he considered to be an awkward moment with first lady Melania Trump.

Speaking during his Sunday morning sermon on the “the influence of a Godly life” at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, the 65-year-old Laurie talked briefly about how he was asked to close out the Aug. 27 “state” dinner for 100 evangelical leaders and spouses in prayer.

As there has been much criticism toward evangelical leaders who have engaged with the Trump administration, Laurie assured his congregation that he would pray for any president that asks him to do so.

Since his sermon was based on Daniel 12, Laurie stressed that Daniel would also “try to help any king that was in power” whether that was Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar or Darius.

“I think when God puts people in power that we want to do what we can to influence them with what the word of God says,” Laurie said. “That was an honor to stand up there.”

Laurie continued by recalling a “funny moment” that occurred as he was about to take the podium to close the event in prayer.

“Franklin Graham spoke right before me and I was told to go up right after Franklin and say what you are going to say and lead the prayer because the president is tired and wants to go to bed,” Laurie detailed. “So, I am waiting for my queue and Franklin was done, so I got up and walked to the podium. At the same moment, the first lady had gotten up out of her chair and she was walking to the podium as well.”

“I saw her and a I went and gestured her and said ‘Oh, please [go ahead and take the podium].’ She gestured back [to insist I take the podium.] Then, I gestured back, ‘Oh please [you go ahead],” he added. “It was a very awkward moment.”

Laurie told the crowd that he finally went ahead and spoke after the first lady again insisted that he speak.

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Source: Christian Post