Here We Go: UK Investigating Why Gender Dysphoria in Children Has Increased Over 4,000 Percent in 10 Years

A U.K. government inquiry is underway to investigate why there’s an over 4,000 percent increase in children seeking to “transition” to the opposite sex.

The available data says that young people referred for “gender treatment” has increased from 97 in 2009–2010 to 2,510 in 2017–2018, a 4,415 percent increase in less than a decade, the UK Express reported Sunday.

Equalities Minister Penny Mordaunt has asked officials to investigate the reasons for the skyrocketing rise, particularly the role of social media and its influence over how girls think about the subject.

Girls are more likely to seek to “transition” than boys.

Whereas only 40 girls were referred for such treatment nine years ago, that figure is now 1,806, a 4,515 percent increase. The number of boys rose from 56 to 713 in that same time span. In 2017–2018, 45 of those children referred were ages 6 or younger, with the youngest at only 4.

“Some educationalists have previously warned that the promotion of transgender issues in schools has ‘sown confusion’ in children’s minds and that encouraging children to question gender has ‘become an industry,’ the Telegraph reported.

“Dr. Joanna Williams, author of the book Women vs Feminism, has said that schools are ‘encouraging even the youngest children to question whether they are really a boy or a girl,’ the Telegraph added.

Eight hundred dysphoric children in England were injected with puberty blocking drugs last year, including some as young as 10 years old.

Many doctors and researchers are increasingly concerned about the long-term effects of these chemicals, which include not only puberty blockers but cross-sex hormones, on young people.

Lucy Griffin, a consultant psychiatrist at Bristol Royal Infirmary, admitted she was “extremely worried” about this and has warned that these treatments cause osteoporosis, yield sexual dysfunction, and can render their bodies sterile.

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Source: Christian Post