Live Action Warns Planned Parenthood Won’t Help Pregnant Women as New President Touts Abortion Business

Planned Parenthood’s new President Dr. Leana Wen spoke positively this week about the family planning services its clinics provide, but didn’t explain that pregnant women seeking prenatal care are turned away, a leading pro-life group has said.

The national chain, which performs over 300,000 abortions every year, “lies about the services it claims to provide, including prenatal care and mammograms,” Lila Rose, founder and president of the pro-life group Live Action, said in a statement to The Christian Post Thursday.

In 2016, CP reported that Planned Parenthood clinics weren’t providing health care services to pregnant women who want to carry their baby to term. Planned Parenthood staff at several clinics informed CP that the only service some clinics might provide to pregnant women is a packet of prenatal vitamins, but nothing else.

Live Action, in an investigative report released in 2017, found that among 97 Planned Parenthood clinics nationwide, 92 said they didn’t provide services to pregnant women, unless they wanted an abortion. An employee at one clinic recommended a pro-life pregnancy centers to a patient seeking prenatal health care.

Five clinics, however, said they do provide prenatal services to pregnant women. Rose told CP that they were giving those clinics the benefit of the doubt, but believed the services they provide are minimal.

In a video Planned Parenthood sent to The Christian Post and its supporters Wednesday introducing Wen — an immigrant from China who said she, her sister, and parents all depended on Planned Parenthood for their health care — highlighted the services offered to women, specifically poor women, such as annual pap exams, STD testing, birth control and abortions, which she described as “mainstream health care.”

Wen, who’s the first doctor to be president of Planned Parenthood in nearly 50 years, added, “The single biggest public health catastrophe of our time is the threat to women’s health and the health of our most vulnerable communities.”

As the Health Commissioner for the city if Baltimore, Maryland, Wen joined others, including Planned Parenthood, in suing the Trump administration over cuts in funding for the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program, which began under the Obama administration and awards federal grants to teen-pregnancy prevention programs that emphasize using contraceptives rather than abstinence education.

On Thursday, during an interview with “The View” co-hosts, Wen also mentioned breast cancer screenings, but didn’t clarify that Planned Parenthood has never provided mammograms despite previously accepting annual donations from the Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation, such as $677,287 it received in 2013 for that purpose.

While it has focused on growing its abortion numbers by 11 percent over the last 10 years, its breast exams have decreased by 62 percent, its cervical cancer screenings by 74 percent, and its contraception services by 32 percent,” Rose added.

A Planned Parenthood clinic employee told CP it might be possible for a breast self-exam to be performed at their office but it would cost $100, which might or might not be refunded. The staffer also said the breast self-exam wasn’t a service they were used to providing.

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Source: Christian Post