Former Crossroads Christian Church Pastors Launch New Church After Firing & Resignations; Over 500 Attend

Pastors who either resigned or were ousted from the multi-campus Crossroads Christian Church in Indiana have started a new church that has seen as many as 500 people in attendance for a pre-launch “mini service.”

The Hills Church in Evansville, Indiana was created this month by former pastors who were affiliated with Crossroads before the elder board fired lead pastor Patrick Garcia last month due to what the church deemed “philosophical differences in church leadership.”

Along with Garcia, teaching pastor Rick Kyle was also let go and pastors Darryl Marin and David Bowersox resigned in protest of Garcia’s firing. Additionally, pastor Paul Linge also resigned in recent weeks.

Led by Kyle, Bowersox, and Marin, The Hills Church will officially launch in October but has already held and will continue to hold “mini services.” Over 500 attended a service this past Saturday night that was held at The Gathering Church in Evansville.

“We are not doing this out of hate, we are not doing this out of hurt or emotion but out of a strong conviction that we were called to Evansville and that calling has not changed,” Marin said at the beginning of the Saturday evening service. “Tonight we are here to announce, launch and pray for a new church movement in the city of Evansville. We are here to announce that we are going to start The Hills Church. Our name is our mission. We want everyone to know Jesus and that is a hill we will die on everytime.”

Marin thanked the crowd for having “the faith to stick with us” and “giving us the faith to step out to start a movement.”

“Without each and everyone of you in here, we couldn’t do it,” Marin, who will serve as executive pastor of ministries, stated. “This is an official church. When you give tonight, you are giving to The Hills Church — it’s a 501(c)3, with the state of Indiana, we have all the paperwork, we are the real deal.”

Marin assured the crowd that the decision to start The Hills has “no bearing on where we were or how much we loved each and everyone of the people we had the pleasure of serving side-by-side.”

“But we had to make a choice and we made that choice. We are moving forward in Jesus’ name and we are not going to look back on what God is calling us to do,” Marin said of their departure from the megachurch that draws a weekly attendance of about 3,500. “I rejoice for all the time I was given. I was blessed and highly favored by each and everyone of those people. I still rejoice and they are still my brothers and sisters in Christ. The only way God can do what he had to do was through what he needed to do in this movement. If He needs to scatter us, scatter us. We will listen, Lord, and will do what You have called us to do.”

While Marin is listed as executive pastor of ministries, Kyle will serve as executive teaching pastor and Bowersox will serve as executive pastor of operations.

Garcia, who served as Crossroads lead pastor for about two-and-a-half years before his firing, is noticeably absent from The Hills staff list at the moment.

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Source: Christian Post