Evangelism & Counseling Empower Texas Church’s Impact

Nestled in a southwest Fort Worth neighborhood is the house of a woman who leases rooms to people in need of a home. Many of her tenants are new to the city, while others have left difficult circumstances and would be homeless if not for her assistance.

All five of her tenants happened to be home when they heard a knock at the door on a Saturday in September 2017. The homeowner answered the door to be greeted by a door-to-door evangelism team from Great Commission Baptist Church who had partnered with several students from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

The woman recognized one of the church members and asked that they share the Gospel. After the five tenants agreed to a conversation, everyone crowded into the living room.

In sharing their testimonies and presenting the Gospel, the team conveyed a message of hope to individuals who often had felt hope was lost. That afternoon, all five residents responded to this Good News and prayed to receive Christ.

Dale Allen, minister of evangelism at Great Commission Baptist Church (GCBC), noted, “One of the things people want to know about intentional evangelism is whether it is fruitful. Of course it is! We at Great Commission see it all the time.”

Although the evangelism teams don’t always see such results in a day, they have seen the Gospel change many lives through the years. In the previous 18 months alone, GCBC teams have visited more than 400 homes and led 19 people to professions of faith in Christ.

Allen, a current Ph.D. student at Southwestern who previously earned two master’s degrees from the seminary, said he is implementing what he has learned about evangelism and counseling during his studies. Allen said he has seen tremendous growth at GCBC in the areas of evangelism, soul care and outreach as he and the church staff equip and mobilize members to engage their families and communities with the truth of Scripture.

Lead pastor Douglas Brown said Allen’s work in evangelism as well as counseling has upheld the church’s vision to “reach the sinner, teach the saint, and strengthen the family.” Brown said he has have seen spiritual growth in those who have gone out to witness, noting, “They have become more bold in sharing their faith and the difference that Christ has made in their lives.”

Allen leads evangelism teams each month in the church’s surrounding neighborhoods, often meeting beforehand to discuss best practices and how to engage people from different religious backgrounds. The team has grown from a handful of participants to a core group of about 25 members.

While evangelizing, the teams sometimes use Gospel tracts, but most often they focus on Scripture. “We have found the most success pointing to Scripture and watching what God does in the life of that person,” Allen said. “We have seen people come to Christ that way.”

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Source: Baptist Press