Bonefish Grill in Charleston, South Carolina, Held Free Dinner for 100 First Responders Ahead of Hurricane Florence

Bonefish Grill in North Charleston fed about 100 different first responders today. “Feeding the Boys in Blue for free before they go out in the weather tonight. Thank you for keeping us all safe!” the restaurant tweeted. “We had about 100 First Responders come in today. We paid entirely for it all. This is because we appreciate the job they do and I know as a family of Law Enforcement what they are going into over the next couple of days. We had Fire, EMS, North Charleston Police, SC State Troopers, Sheriff, SC DNR, SLED in the building tonight.” (Credit: @BFGCharleston/Twitter)

Whenever disaster strikes, firefighters, medics and police officers are the first to rush into danger to pull the rest of us to safety.

So before a group of first responders headed off to the front lines of Hurricane Florence, a restaurant in South Carolina wanted to thank them for what they were about to do.

On Thursday, the Bonefish Grill in North Charleston treated 100 fire officials, EMS and police officers to a free dinner. It was their way of saying “Thank you for keeping us safe.”

“We had about 100 first responders come in today. We paid entirely for it all,” the restaurant told CNN. “This is because we appreciate the job they do.”

After the restaurant tweeted photos of the dinner, the North Charleston fire department retweeted the images to say thank you.

“No #thankyou! We are grateful for your generosity towards our first responders!”

SOURCE: CNN, Christina Maxouris and Amanda Jackson