There’s a Devil Loose: Mother Defends 14-Year-Old Son Charged With Killing his 2 Infant Siblings

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A 14-year-old is accused of killing his two younger siblings.

The Ripley County Prosecutor says the teen smothered his half sister and step brother to death less than three months apart.

Now, the mother of the children is speaking out saying that her son didn’t act alone.

Christina McCartney is defending her teenage son who is accused of murdering his two younger siblings.

“He’s not the monster that people are trying to portray him as. It’s a mother’s worst nightmare to have such a precious family and then to wake up to the worst possible outcomes,” said McCartney.

She says her 14-year-old son adored his half sister and step brother.

“Every mom’s dream child. He would sing to them read them books. I didn’t have to ask him to help with the kids he would just do it,” said McCartney.

She says things drastically changed last year on May 1 when she arrived at her Osgood, Indiana home and found her lifeless 23-month-old daughter Desiree.

“My son came out of the bathroom and was holding Desiree and said mom something’s wrong. She’s not breathing right,” said McCartney.

Desiree died five days later at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

McCartney says she believed her daughter stopped breathing due to an unknown medical issue.

A few months later her 11-month-old step son Nathaniel Ritz also died after being suffocated.

Ripley County prosecutors say after Ritz’s death the teen confessed.

“There were several remarks that were made to police about freeing the siblings from some sort of hell,” said Ripley County Prosecutor Ric Hertel.

McCartney says her teenage son was referring to his abusive stepdad who was living in the home with them.

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