WATCH: This Big Bully Picked On the Wrong Girl! She Didn’t Realize That This Petite Girl Was Muhammad Ali in Disguise; Bully Had Her Butt Handed to Her — Warning to All Bullies!

In the short clip the cheerleader can be heard telling the bully she does not want to fight, and that no one has been ‘talking about’ her

A cheerleader in uniform beat up a bully after repeatedly saying she did not want to fight.

‘Nobody wants to fight, no one wants to fight with you guys,’ the teen says before she gets sucker punched by the larger bully in California.

The cheerleader goes absolutely ballistic, throwing a series of haymakers, and even manages to flip her larger opponent to the ground.

At this point she gets on top of the bully and continues to pummel her.

It seemed clear from those who witnessed the fight that the cheerleader had won.

While violence is not the answer to any situation, the cheerleader repeatedly told her opponent she did not want to fight, and asked her not to touch her before she was sucker punched.

The teen’s sister, Sierra Sprague, shared the video clip to her Twitter account and captioned it ‘so my little sister got in a fight tonight and i don’t think i’ve ever been more proud, with her phone in her hand & everything lmao THATS MY MF SISTER LETS GOOOOOOO.’

In replies to people asking if her sister was suspended or in trouble in anyway, Sierra said she was not in trouble, despite the fight happening in her school uniform.

SOURCE: Daily Mail