WATCH: Actor Jon Voight Says Left is ‘Conjuring Lies and Slanders’ About Trump Because he’s ‘Effective’

Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight said the left is “conjuring lies and slanders” about President Donald Trump because he’s actually getting things done and fulfilling his campaign promises.

“The virulence is because he’s effective,” Voight said. “He’s actually doing what said he would do. Amazing thing in itself, isn’t it?” Voight said on “Life, Liberty & Levin” Sunday.

He said Trump’s numerous successes have sent the leftist media into a state of “disarray,” and all they can do is attack the president and his administration.

“This is their dying breath. They have to stop him somehow. So you see these very extraordinary things they come up with, that’s what they do,” Voight said.

“Conjuring lies and slanders against this man trying to destroy this presidency. It’s that simple.”‘

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SOURCE: Fox News Insider