The Truth Is, Serena Williams Blowup Was Despicable, Unnecessary, and Uncalled-for, and to Use Her Daughter in That Scenario Was Shameful

Serena Williams got into a shouting match with the umpire in the US Open’s Women’s final as she accused him of ‘stealing a point from her’.

Umpire Carlos Ramos issued a game penalty to the US star during her match against Naomi Osaka as he accused her of getting coaching from the side lines.

The 23-time Grand Slam winner screamed at Ramos: ‘Every time I play here, I have problems. I did not have coaching, I don’t cheat. You need to make an announcement. I have a daughter and I stand for what’s right. You owe me an apology.

‘For you to attack my character is wrong. You owe me an apology. You will never be on a court with me as long as you live. You are the liar. You owe me an apology. Say it. Say you’re sorry.

‘How dare you insinuate that I was cheating? You stole a point from me. You’re a thief too. ‘

Moments later Williams crashed out of the final with Osaka winning 6-2, 6-4.

The drama unfolded when Williams realized she had been given a point penalty after she broke her racket during the final at Flushing Meadows in New York City.

‘This is not right, this is not fair. This has happened to me too many times,’ Williams screamed at Ramos.

‘Because I’m a woman you’re going to take this away from me. This is not right. Ever single year that I play this is just not fair.’

Williams then began crying as she says: ‘I’ve worked so hard to be in this position.’

Her coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, had been accused of giving hand signals illegally in the first set.

Mouratoglou said after the game: ‘Not once in my life have I ever been called a coaching violation’.

As he was interviewed by ESPN he said he admitted that while he was coaching her it was no different from what any other coach does.

‘I’m honest, I was coaching. I don’t think (Serena) looked at me, so that’s why she didn’t think I was (coaching). But I was, like 100 percent of the coaches on 100 percent of the matches. So we have to stop this hypocrite thing.

‘(Osaka’s coach) was coaching every point too.

‘Two rules are killing tennis. Not to allow a player to express their feelings is stupid. It’s not a big deal to break a racquet.’

He later tweeted: ‘The star of the show has been once again the chair umpire.

‘Second time in this US Open and third time for Serena in a US Open Final. Should they be allowed have an influence on the result of a match? When do we decide that this should never happen again?’

Mouratoglou followed that tweet up with: ‘Congratulations for Naomi Osaka for a fantastic tournament.’

After she repeatedly insulted the umpire, calling him a liar and a thief and demanding an apology he docked her a game, leaving her at 3-5, from which she could not recover.

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Source: Daily Mail