Terry Crews Settles Lawsuit With WME Agent Accused of Groping Him

CREDIT: Getty Images

In January 2018, Terry Crews filed a civil lawsuit against Adam Venit, an agent at WME, who allegedly grabbed the actor by the crotch and squeezed his genitals in 2016. Now, since the case opened at the top of the year, Crews and Venit have settled the lawsuit, the Associated Press reports. Venit’s agency, William Morris Endeavor, that was also named a defendant, confirmed the deal saying the lawsuit would be diminished.

Like many victims of sexual assault in the entertainment industry, the former NFL star waited to speak out about the encounter for fear of being blackballed from Hollywood. Crews also appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee to stress the commonality of toxic masculinity, making him a prominent male voice in the #MeToo movement.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor’s case was initially thrown out by the Los Angeles Police Department due to the statute of limitations, which led him to file a lawsuit.

Crews has yet to respond to requests to comment but since tweeted “ACCOUNTABILITY” in response to Venit’s parting from WME.

SOURCE: Vibe – Zoe Johnson