Police Plead for Information as They Hunt for Killer of a Young Marine Who Was Shot and Killed in San Diego

The heartbroken widow of a Marine sergeant who was shot and killed in his car earlier this week has shared a tearful goodbye message to her husband.

Christopher Truax Jr, 21, was on active duty when he was killed in Lemon Grove, San Diego on Friday at 12.30am.

His widow Alexia hailed Truax as an excellent husband and father to their 11-month-son.

In a moving audio message she tearfully bids him farewell saying: ‘You didn’t deserve this’.

‘You are a remarkable husband, man, lover, father, son, marine, and friend,’ she said in the audio message shared by KTLA.

‘To the person who molded me into the woman that I am today: Thank you for choosing me to be the mother of your son. My love for you is endless and just knowing me and baby Chris won’t be able to hear you again is making me go insane.

‘It all feels like a bad dream and I’m speechless. You didn’t deserve this Christopher and you will always be in my heart,’ she said.

On Sunday, Alexia took to Facebook to share photos of a makeshift memorial set up for Truax, surrounded by photos of family and friends, candles, and American flags.

Their son will turn a year old on September 13.

Truax, a New York native, was an active Marine sergeant stationed at the Marine Corps Air station Miramar. He was a food service specialist with the Marine Wing Support Squadron-373.

Sheriff’s deputies saw a car parked in the middle of the street near the Lemon Grove Square Shopping Center on Friday around midnight and found Truax inside bleeding from a gunshot wound. He died at 12.39am.

Police are still on the hunt for the gunman and have posted a $1,000 award for information on his murder.

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Source: Daily Mail