“One God – One Day – One Africa (1GDA)”: Christian Ministries Unite for Mega African Outreach in May 2020

World-renowned film actress turned international evangelist, Jennifer Wilde, is vocal about her great love for Rwanda.

Now she, along with former Christ for all Nations European Director and Pastor, Siegfried Tomazsewski, are asking you to join with churches and ministries to minister to needs across the continent of Africa through mega events, crusades and outreach to accomplish the vision of “One God – One Day – One Africa.”

Wilde says she recently heard from God that “Now is the time to act.”

It was 37 years ago that she envisioned reaching the multitudes through gospel campaigns. Hence the idea “One God – One Day – One Africa (1GDA)” was born as a ministry to fulfill God’s desire. Tomazsewski is spearheading the operation as C.E.O. and has worked over 18 years alongside evangelist Mr. Reinhard Bonnke.

Also extending support to Wilde is Russell Abbot, African director based in Rwanda who has reportedly been organizing gospel campaigns in Africa and mass crusades for many years.

So far, ministries like Christ for All Nations, Iris Global, King Ministries, Luis Palau Ministry, African Enterprise, aLn, Global Outreach Day and many others have already partnered with 1GDA to accomplish this task in Africa in May 2020.

Organizers are calling for prayer warriors, hosts, supporters and partners to participate in the effort.

Dr. Heidi Baker, CEO of Iris Global, said, “Jennifer Wilde is a woman of passion, integrity, and vision. Even as her name, she is wild for God and will do anything to see his kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven. One God – One Day – One Africa is an evangelistic event focused on unity, mobilization, and lasting fruit.”

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SOURCE: EEW Ministries Online