Nolan Harkness: Truly Born Again for the First Time

The nearest and dearest thing to my heart is to see people become “born again.” However one of the saddest things for me to see is quick prayers prayed over people, who have heard a quick Salvation message, and then to see them politely told “Today’s church service is over.”

Perhaps it’s in time to hit our favorite Sunday Buffet spot before the crowd gets too thick? Perhaps it’s because we truly believe we are really able to “lead them to the Lord” inside that three minutes, and then “He will take it from there?” Or perhaps we have seen others do it that way so much for so long that we just assume it is the way that it should be done? Shallow doctrine produces shallow converts, however throughout history the Christians that changed the world were those who were truly “converted” to Christ. Being “born again” to them required a self-death in order to be reborn and their baptismal service was more than just getting “dunked” by their pastor in a pool of water!

Recently, The Christian Post celebrated by looking back on one hundred years of Christianity. The not so well known but highly effective evangelist they referred to was named Charles Finney. Charles Finney was a lawyer from Sackets Harbor New York who had his practice in nearby Adams. He had always mocked a group of ladies in Adams who regularly gathered for prayer. However after a considerable amount of time had passed one day Charles was following his daily routine and the powerful conviction of the Holy Spirit came over him. It was so strong he followed a familiar trail out into the woods and by a fallen tree wept for hours under the conviction of his sin. The intense prayer continued for weeks to come and became part of his daily schedule. One night, according to his words, the Holy Spirit fell upon him and he was baptized in the Holy Spirit. Shortly thereafter he was called into full time ministry and this converted lawyer became a circuit-riding preacher. As he rode horseback from town to town in the Northeastern United States in the 1800’s he led hundreds of thousands of people to Christ.

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Source: Christian Post