Joe Lockett, Popular Black Alabama Radio Host, Says Racism ‘Goes Both Ways; Judge People On How They Treat You’

Joe Lockett
Joe Lockett

In an interview Friday on Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson’s “Scoop B Radio” podcast, Alabama radio host Joe Lockett discussed race relations in America, saying that racism “goes both ways” and that you – regardless of your skin color – should “judge people on how they treat you.”

Lockett, who hosts the Joe Lockett Show on 101.1 WYDE, was asked by Robinson how he navigated racial divides in Alabama as a prominent black radio host.

“[H]ere’s the thing, man: people are people,” Lockett began his answer. “I see color, I see the differences, I even hear people [opine] about what I say and what I do.”

He continued, “But this is the one thing I’ve learned to do – and it may be my military training because I was in the military – is that you judge people on how they treat you. And if you put the work in, most people … when you’re listening to [most] people, they have the same fears, the same wants, that you do.”

Lockett continued to talk about his theory that there is much more that unites the average two persons than what sets us apart.

“You go to work, right?” he outlined. “People feel like they’ve been disenfranchised, whether you want to say it’s blacks or whites or Hispanics. People feel that way. But at the end of the day, what you see on TV is not what you see when you go to the big-box-stores such as Walmart.”

Lockett then asked Robinson, who is best known as a prominent national sports and entertainment reporter, “do you feel like someone’s looking at you and wants to beat you upside the head or put you back in slavery everyday?”

Robinson responded by saying “no, but” he is black and built like Charles Barkley, “so people fear me.”

“But I think when I open my mouth and people hear me talk, they’re disarmed,” he added.

Lockett then explained that he lived in Japan for 13 years and has seen racial, ethnic and cultural differences worldwide.

“People are always going to feel some type of way until they get to know you,” he explained.

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SOURCE: Sean Ross
Yellowhammer News