Reports Claim Government Photographer Edited Photos of Trump’s Inauguration to Make the Crowd Seem Larger

A government photographer edited pictures from President Donald Trump’s inauguration to make the crowd size appear larger than it actually was after the president was unhappy with how the event looked in photos, according to records obtained by The Guardian.

After repeated requests from the White House for new pictures, the photographer cropped the areas where there were no people to make it appear that the crowd filled the frame, according to The Guardian. The request came after Trump — on his first day in office — saw comparisons of his inauguration crowd compared to former President Barack Obama and became fixated on the size of the group.

According to The Guardian, there was an early morning phone call between Trump and then-acting National Park Service Director Michael Reynolds. White House press secretary Sean Spicer also dispatched repeated calls to NPS in an attempt to get a different set of photos. The call to Reynolds in search of more flattering photos and the new set was reported shortly after the inauguration in 2017 by The Washington Post. However, the documents obtained by The Guardian and reported Thursday provide new insight into how the new set of photos came out.

While no one said they were ordered to crop photos, accounts from multiple people involved in the day seemed to say that they assumed the new photographs needed to be edited.

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Source: USA Today