Pastors Reveal How Power Packs, Inner City Outreach Program, is Helping Transform Children’s Lives

The back-to-school season typically sends parents into a frenzy of shopping for school supplies, new outfits and other materials their children need. Unfortunately, it’s also a stressful time for many kids and families across America who simply don’t have the money or means to purchase these essential items.

This lack of basic resources can impact children and their ability to learn, but Cru Inner City, a Christian organization that partners with inner-city churches across the U.S., has created an outreach program aimed at helping fill this void: Power Packs.

Kids in need are receiving backpacks filled with school supplies, giving parents in need the peace of mind that their kids will be equipped to start a new school year.

The initiative means that these families will be connected to caring churches looking to minister to people and to meet their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Watch pastors explain how this incredible project is impacting thousands of lives:

Cru Inner City has begun packing and distributing thousands of Power Packs in some of America’s most impoverished areas.

“The scope of poverty in the inner city is complex and overwhelming,” Aaron Robertson of Cru Inner City recently explained, adding that his organization works to show “God’s heart for the poor.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Billy Hallowell