Botham Jean’s Church, Dallas West Church of Christ, Grapples With Tragic Loss of ‘Outstanding Christian Man’

Botham Shem Jean
Botham Shem Jean

Inside Dallas West Church of Christ, there is a growing sadness. Botham Jean’s mother and family members are traveling to North Texas as they try to wrap their hearts and minds around the tragedy.

In an empty spot in a church pew, Jessica Berry once sat with Jean.

“I’m feeling numb. I have anger right now. I’m frustrated, just knowing who he is. The way he died is not fair,” says Berry.

Her father is Minister Sammie Barry. He says “Bo’s” death is a painful loss to the congregation where he led as a worship leader.

“Bo was an outstanding young man. He was an outstanding Christian. He was having an impact. We’re definitely going to miss him,” says Minister Berry.

“I don’t think you could find a better person, when you look at the life he lived, the contributions he made, the passion that he had for the church and anything that he did. He always wanted to do his very best,” said Minister Berry.

Police say the officer who killed Jean shot him after walking into the wrong apartment.

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