Bank Shooting Spurs Cincinnati Baptists to Bring Hope

A Sept. 6 shooting rampage in Cincinnati that left four dead and two others injured led a city councilman to request aid from the community. Within minutes, Cincinnati Baptists began responding.

An unidentified gunman entered Cincinnati’s 30-story Fifth Third Center through a loading dock at 9:10 a.m. local time and opened fire in the lobby, according to media reports. He killed three people and injured others before police shot and killed him.

In the aftermath, a Baptist who works at a local news station heard city councilman Jeff Pastor say donations of water and snacks would be appreciated for the crowds standing outside after streets were closed. The news employee called his pastor, Josh Carter of Clough Pike Baptist Church in Cincinnati, who also serves as evangelism catalyst for the Cincinnati Area Baptist Association.

He contacted Mark Snowden, the association’s director of missional leadership, and church planter Josh McKinney was dispatched to buy snacks and water and head to the scene. The association’s prayer team was alerted to pray, as well.

“Cincinnati is a mission field with one million people not claimed by any religious organization,” Snowden wrote in an email. “When we hear of tragedies like the shooting today, I believe beyond the shared grief and need for ministry to affected families, the Lord uses horrific events like this to spur us onward as intentional disciple-makers.

“Who do we know? What do they need? And how can they embrace the gospel for spiritual transformation? We draw close to Jesus at times like this. And his heartbeat continues to pound out anguish for a fallen world. How can we not be our brother’s keeper when his blood is splattered all over the ground?”

Witnesses told the Cincinnati Enquirer “there was definitely a lot of blood,” and up to 15 shots were fired.

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Source: Baptist Standard