WATCH: Legendary Actor Burt Reynolds Discusses His Career With Pure Flix’s David A. R. White

As the world mourns the death of veteran actor Burt Reynolds many are fondly looking back at the performer’s sweeping, six-decade-long career. Reynolds, who was 82, inspired and entertained audiences for the majority of his life, playing roles in iconic films and TV shows like “Deliverance,” “Smokey and the Bandit,” and “Evening Shade.”

Among the many Hollywood actors and producers fondly remembering Reynolds’ life and legacy is Pure Flix founder David A.R. White, a performer who got his start working alongside Reynolds on CBS’s hit show “Evening Shade,” which ran from 1990-1994.

White took to social media on Thursday to release a heartfelt statement about Reynold’s passing, dubbing the actor a true “legend.”

“So sad to hear of the passing of the #legend and the man who gave me my start in Hollywood. I always appreciated his kindness to me, so glad I had the gift to see and work with him one last time as he played my father on ‘Hitting the Breaks,'” White wrote on Instagram. “It was like my career came full circle. God Bless your loved ones.”

Reynolds and White had recently reunited in 2016 for the original series “Hitting the Breaks,” with the two sitting down at the time for an on-camera, heart-to-heart discussion during which Reynolds revealed fascinating details about his career in Hollywood.

“I’ve had an amazing career in terms of the people I have met,” Reynolds said, telling White that he entered the industry in 1958 when he signed a contract with Universal — a decision that forever changed his life.

Reynolds continued, “It was an incredible time for me. I don’t quite understand my career, but I sure had a great time in my life and I was very lucky. Very lucky.”

The actor also revealed that he was perhaps at his “happiest” while filming “Evening Shade.”

“It just was an amazing time for me. I wish that I could have done ‘Evening Shade’ for 10 years. I really do,” he said. “It was a wonderful time. I think the happiest I was were those years … and the second happiest was ‘Gunsmoke.'”

Watch Reynolds discuss his career:

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Billy Hallowell