WATCH: Christian Comedian and Radio Host Rickey Smiley Says He is Now Questioning Some Parts of the Bible Which He Believes Upholds Racism and White Supremacy

Christian comedian and nationally syndicated radio host Rickey Smiley recently revealed that he is now questioning some stories in the Bible which he believes are designed to perpetuate racism and white supremacy.

“I’m really questioning some of the Bible stories. And I think some of that stuff in the Bible is set up to train black people to be submissive to systematic racism and white supremacy. That I believe,” Smiley, who turned 50 last month, told VLAD TV.

Asked to explain his position, Smiley replied: “Turn the other cheek or whatever. People don’t mess with nobody that fight[s] back. People do not mess with nobody that fight[s] back. Black people have been taught to forgive and turn the other cheek for 400 years and what has changed. Nothing.”

The comedian agreed with the host that the Bible and the church have been used with great effect as tools of control and continues today. This control, he said, can be seen through black pastors who have also historically enjoyed a certain amount of power in the system of oppression.

“You see all these black preachers that were sitting around Donald Trump two weeks ago, same thing. What’s the difference between that and remember now, George W. Bush. Only thing Donald Trump needs is 8 percent of the black vote in order to get re-elected. George Bush needed 10 and he got it because he went around and he got all those black preachers to preach abortion and gay marriage sermons which got black Christians in a[n] uproar and 10 percent of them voted for George W. Bush that pushed him over the top to become re-elected against John Kerry in 2004,” Smiley explained.

“And they are being used now. Donald Trump is promoting racism and the white nationalist and all that stuff … it wouldn’t be no reason to sit around the table and talk to him about anything. Once you identify yourself as a racist and a white supremacist, it’s nothing to talk about,” he added.

Last month, Pastor John Gray of Relentless Church in Greenville, South Carolina, was criticized by members of the black community after he and a group of about 20 black pastors met with President Donald Trump to discuss issues related to prison reform and urban job creation.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair