Urban Meyer May Have Deleted Text Messages Before Investigation

Ohio State recently released dozens of records related to its investigation of football coach Urban Meyer — a file that includes select text messages from Meyer’s wife and agent, plus a 23-page summary of findings.

But at least one big question remains unanswered.

Did Meyer delete text messages on his phone in an effort to destroy evidence?

Ohio State investigators looked at his phone and said they could not determine if he had deleted messages older than a year, according to their report about Meyer’s management of an assistant coach who had been accused of domestic abuse. They suspected Meyer might have deleted them, but the report does not say whether they even asked him about it – or if they tried to recover deleted text messages with the help of digital forensic tools.

And nobody involved is answering questions about it now, two weeks after his three-game suspension was announced by Ohio State.

Not Ohio State. Not Meyer’s legal team. Not the lead investigator in the case.

Over the past 10 days, USA TODAY Sports asked each: Was Meyer asked if he deleted text messages on his phone? If so, how did he respond?

And if Ohio State didn’t ask him about this, why not?

The lone response came from Ohio State spokesman Chris Davey, who said Tuesday he was looking into it but didn’t know if he was going to be able to answer it.

Meyer’s answer could be damning either way, said Thomas Mars, an attorney who has experience obtaining phone records in legal battles.

“The absence of any information about this (from Ohio State) just leads me to one conclusion: that they didn’t want to know,” Mars told USA TODAY Sports.

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Source: USA Today