WATCH: “Git ‘er Done!” / “Git R Done!”

Comedian Larry the Cable Guy made the phrase, “git ‘er done,” famous across America. It is a “redneck” saying that hard-working, good ol’ boys use when they are getting down with some serious work that needs to be done before they quit.

“Git ‘er done” means I don’t want to hear it. Git ‘er done! Stop complaining and git ‘er done! Stop whining and git ‘er done! Stop throwing a pity party and git ‘er done! It means don’t quit until you git ‘er done! If you are sick, git ‘er done! Even if you have to go to the bathroom, hold it until you git ‘er done! No excuses, no crying, no complaining, just git ‘er done! It’s a testosterone thing. It’s a manly thing, but good women use it too.

Even though this writer happens to be black, I like this mentality — git ‘er done!

–Luke Jeremiah