Fitness Expert Passenger Says ‘They Wouldn’t Let Drunk People on the Plane’; Demands to Know Why Emirates Staff Let Dozens of Visibly Ill Travelers Fly Non-Stop From Dubai to New York

Passengers who were stuck on a quarantined Emirates flight at New York’s John F Kennedy Airport with sick travelers are outraged staff didn’t stop those who were ill from boarding the plane.

Several passengers spoke out on Wednesday slamming the airliner for not doing more to protect healthy travelers.

‘It was obvious and audible that people were really sick,’ said Erin Sykes, a fitness and health expert from Battery Park. ‘What I heard was mostly coughing, very violent, violent, deep coughs, phlegm, just gross.’

Sykes said she noticed passengers were violently coughing while standing in line to board Flight 203 in Dubai, where it took off. The plane landed at JFK in Queens on Wednesday morning and was immediately quarantined after the pilot radioed that several passengers came down with an illness.

‘They should have never let those people on the plane,’ Sykes fumed during an interview with several media outlets. ‘They don’t let a drunk person on the plane; they shouldn’t let sick people on the plane.’

She added: ‘Then we saw a lot of people using the bathroom for an extended period. The bathrooms were unusable by the end.’

Muntaz Alli, who traveled to New York to visit family, said he also noticed ‘quite a few passengers’ showing signs they were sick before the plane took off. He said the guy seated next to him on the lower level had been coughing during the flight.

‘I knew something was wrong with him,’ Alli said.

Alli told media outlets that the flight departed on schedule, but about thirty minutes before arriving at JFK the pilot announced that there were ‘a few ill people on board’.

‘It wasn’t alarming on the flight until half an hour before we started to descend, because we didn’t know what was going on,’ he said. ‘Before that, it was a normal flight.’

Emirates did not yet return the’s request for comment on its policy allowing sick passengers to board a plane.

Eric Phillips, the press secretary for the City Hall, tweeted early Wednesday afternoon that the Emirates flight was a direct from Dubai but many passengers had traveled from Mecca, Saudi Arabia before boarding in Dubai.

He said about 19 passengers were sick. 10 were taken to the hospital and nine  refused medical attention.

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Source: Daily Mail