DEVELOPING: Trump-Supporting CNN Commentator Says, ‘Where the Hell is Vice President Mike Pence?’

In the long-running and seemingly never-ending stream of Trump-related controversy and Trump-related media criticism, one figure has been pretty much silent: Vice President Mike Pence.

Well, one Trump supporter has had enough.

On Wednesday’s Outfront with Erin Burnett (actually without Erin Burnett; Kate Bolduan was sitting in), a Trump-supporting panelist expressed her frustration in the wake of the anonymous New York Times op-ed which revealed that there are some Trump administration workers who are working to contain the president’s worst impulses.

The panelist said, ‘Where the hell is Mike Pence? We elected him and Trump as a team. We’re out here as foot soldiers defending the president, but we don’t hear anything from Mike Pence.’

Another panelist smartly remarked, ‘Maybe he’s writing an anonymous op-ed for the New York Times.’

The Trump-supporter replied, ‘Then he needs to resign.’

–Joshua James