Bethel Worship Leader Slams U.S. Forest Service for ‘Putting Nature Over Communities and Family Health’

Joel Taylor, wife Janie and their two small children, Addie and Jaxon, September 3, 2018. (PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/JOELTAYLOR)

Bethel Worship Leader Joel Taylor and his family continue their battle against the Northern California wildfires as they are still not allowed to return to their home, a matter which could be resolved by the U.S. Forest Service, Taylor says.

“Stop the madness! The Hirz Fire started out as a 300 manageable 300 acre fire. It’s been well over a month, and it’s now over 40,000 acres and only 41% contained,” Taylor wrote on Instagram Monday.

The worship pastor caption featured a photo of himself with wife Janie and their two small children, Addie and Jaxon, all wearing face masks while in their neighborhood.

“Although I am very grateful for first responders and Cal Fire (who protect private and state land and oversaw the amazingly strategic containment of the Carr fire ), I’m very disappointed that the U.S. Forest Services (overseeing Hirz Fire), often chooses to do ‘managed burns’ or ‘modified suppression’ that last many weeks. Their highly controversial approach to putting ‘nature’ over communities and family health has many questioning motives to the extended fire burns,” he continued.

“Many families have had to evacuate multiple times, we’ve spent thousands of dollars, our children’s health is affected, our properties are damaged due to the toxic air from the ‘managed’ burns that the USFS is leading.”

When Taylor and his family first evacuated, he shared that they grabbed their necessities and “fled at midnight.” Since then, the family has been in between hotels and staying with family.

“I’m SO grateful for our USFS firefighters, they are doing their job. But they are controlled by a federal environmentalist agenda that has their hands tied,” Taylor stated.

“I’m considering taking this to Congress.”

The worship leader asked his followers to comment on whether or not they support his decision to go to Congress.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law