How to Pass Salesforce Admin ADM-201 Exam Easily

If you have been preparing for the Salesforce ADM-201 exam and finding ways to pass the exam easy – there is no way about it. No one can provide for an easy guide to pass the exam or full proof plan that will determine good scores. But that does not mean that Salesforce ADM-201 cannot be made easy for you! What we can do is guide you through the steps that shall help you feel the ease and learn the subjects better!

Salesforce ADM-201 is a certificate course exam that grants the Salesforce Administrator Certification. The course is known to introduce to the candidates the basics of the Salesforce Administration. From understanding of the data model, security model, building an app using Salesforce, business process automation, sales, and service cloud modules, data modeling, reporting and dashboard creation, etc. to the build-up of page layouts, record types and more – the course teaching the A to Z of the Salesforce Administration.

If you have been preparing for the Salesforce ADM-201 exam, it is crucial to know that this 105 minutes examination is an assortment of 60 multiple choice questions which needs 65% passing score to get the exam passed. The administrator credential is important and needs to be learnt well to clear the exams easily. The program administrators particularly find this exam a crucial one for honing their skills and getting certified. The exam helps in getting better jobs and opportunities in a field where working on Salesforce is crucial.

Here is how to pass the Salesforce ADM-201 exam easily!

Step 1: Understand the requirements

Every course begins with a thorough understanding of the subject. Salesforce ADM-201 is an exam that requires one to study about the Salesforce Administration. The programming app that is highly known for its huge platform of creation, building up of apps and programs is used worldwide for creating new programs each day. An administrator is one who is able to grasp the knowledge of building blocks of Salesforce successfully, build their own an app using Salesforce, import and export data from the app, create profiles, dashboard, security, etc. shall be the best candidate for the exam.

Step 2: Reference books

To have a better understanding of the concepts of Salesforce only one module is not enough. Apart from the official module provided by Salesforce, one should refer to one or two reference material for all the aspects to grasp their knowledge well. The reference books bring in a new perspective and idea to the programming which makes the knowledge more holistic. There is a range of published books that people have been using for referencing and can be great for you too. Just take up expert advice and select the best you can!

Step 3: Online courses

A lot of online courses have opened to train the students for appearing the Salesforce ADM-201 exam. Some amongst these are certified by Salesforce while others are from the experts that deal with Salesforce. Refer to some online courses like ExamSnap to to get a clear picture of the concepts and learn the subject well enough. These online courses provide for easy to understand concepts, visionary explanations, expert guidance and a thorough knowledge of exam paper style too.

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Step 4: Practical Training

Merely learning about the concepts of the working of Salesforce is not enough. The learning should be backed with practical knowledge. Practical training forms an essential part of the exam as the course material is majorly about practical application. Salesforce needs the practice of the program and a thorough understanding of the practical aspects. Therefore, getting practical training is recommended to make sense of the subjects and understand them easily.

Step 5: Mock tests

Mock tests are great for evaluating yourself. Mock tests make it easy for you to take multiple tests before actually appearing for one. The mock test paper guides for Salesforce ADM-201 are available from several publishers who are renowned for publishing mock papers, previous year papers, and their solutions as well as examples of the papers that are expected to be presented. Mock tests help you understand how to appear for the exam, manage time and skill to appear for the exams fully prepared. It eases the process of exam day!

Step 6: Revisions

Mock tests should be paired with thorough revisions. While mock tests help you evaluate the mistakes, revision helps in correcting them. With each falling score, you should look up for revision time and correct the mistakes you make. This way you shall be able to achieve accuracy in the examination and refine on the better understanding of the question paper. As the question paper is that of multiple choices, there needs to be surety and clear understanding of the answer.

There is no secret to success! Salesforce ADM-201 exam course will not always feel easy and understandable. It is about making efforts to clear the concepts and understand the working that will keep taking you further. Take up expert advice, help from the people who have passed the exam or refer to online classes for areas where you face the most difficulty. With each attempt made to get a better understanding of the subject, you shall be able to complete the syllabus with ease.

The best trick to pass Salesforce ADM-201 easily is to never give up. As the exam is a tough one to pass, not everyone shall be able to make through it in a single attempt. For some professionals, it has taken more than three attempts to pass the exam. Therefore, it is about preparing for the exam with utter dedication, motivation, and belief that you shall make it. And even if you fail, there is always another time to put your best foot forward. The trick lies in sticking to the preparation and making sure that you don’t miss out on the important aspects of learning about the Salesforce Administration.

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