With Depression and Suicide On the Rise, Pastor Arthur Mackey Shares How to ‘Overcome’

Overcoming the Spirit of Depression: Recover All, Pastor Arthur L. Mackey, Jr.
Overcoming the Spirit of Depression: Recover All, Pastor Arthur L. Mackey, Jr.

DALLAS, TX – “Major depression is on the rise among Americans from all age groups,” a recent NBC News report states. It “is rising fastest among teens and young adults.” However, “The findings are almost certainly an underestimate.”

Data from the Centers for Disease Control also shows that suicides have been rising in the U.S. for the past fifteen-plus years. The recent high-profile suicides of a California pastor and a nine-year-old boy indicate that this is a serious problem.

In his new book, Overcoming the Spirit of Depression: Recover All, Pastor Arthur L. Mackey, Jr., presents a way that people struggling with depression can tackle the problem on a personal level.

The book’s description states, “We all face challenging times of deep crisis which can potentially bring about deep depression. But we can overcome the spirit of depression by developing a Christ-centered, radically renewed, and totally transformed mindset.

“This book will help you develop the right coping skills to deal with distress, grief, sadness, and deep depression. Coping instead of doping. Coping by praying instead of straying. Coping by walking instead of stalking. Coping by healing instead of stealing.

“Whether admitted or not, everyone on the earth will experience some level of depression in this journey called life. Yet we can overcome the spirit of depression through God’s grace and guidance.”

Black Christian Book Review calls Mackey’s release, “a dynamic book for our difficult times.”

The book does not replace personalized, professional counseling.

Overcoming the Spirit of Depression: Recover All is available wherever fine books are sold, including Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and Books-a-Million.

Arthur L. Mackey, Jr., is the senior pastor of the historic Mount Sinai Baptist Church Cathedral in Roosevelt, New York, owner of I Support Roosevelt Youth Center, and the upcoming Mother Barbie Lee Scott Senior Housing and Mount Sinai Workforce Housing. He is also president of Vision of Victory Ministries and Arthur Mackey Ministries, and Chairman of the Mount Sinai Development Corporation and I Support Roosevelt Youth Center of Long Island. He is a graduate of Virginia Union University in Richmond, Virginia, where he majored in religion and philosophy. He is married to Elder Brenda J. Mackey, a Social Worker and Mental Health Counselor. They have three children: Yolanda, Jordan, and Faith.

SOURCE: Vision Public Relations Group