WATCH: Al Sharpton Helps “Correct” Donald Trump in Eulogy at Aretha Franklin’s Funeral; Says Aretha ‘Worked for Us… Took Orders From No One but God’

Rev. Al Sharpton on Friday responded to President Donald Trump’s assertion that Aretha Franklin had worked for him “on numerous occasions.” “Trump said she used to work for me. No, she performed for you. She worked for us,” Sharpton said at Franklin’s funeral. “Aretha took orders from no one but God,” he added. Sharpton also referenced Franklin’s hit song “Respect,” telling the audience that he needed their “help to teach President Trump what it means.” Sharpton said that above all, Franklin was “never one to forget where she came from.” “She was a black woman in a white man’s world,” Sharpton said. “She bore her cross. Now it’s time to crown the Queen.” Sharpton also read a tribute letter to Aretha from the Obamas during his eulogy.

SOURCE: The Daily Beast