Toronto Shuts Down First-Ever Sex Doll Brothel One Week Before Opening Day

Toronto has shut down what was going to be the first-ever sex doll brothel in North America just a week before it was slated to open.

Because of a decades-old bylaw, city officials in the North York region of Canada’s most-populous city said this week that the Aura Dolls brothel would be illegal because it falls under the category of “adult entertainment parlor” and is therefore not allowed in the neighborhood in which it had planned to set up shop, Toronto’s CityNews reports.

Councilman John Fillion said in a letter to residents obtained by the news outlet that he met with city staff to see if the doll brothel was legal in that location following a barrage of complaints he had received from his ward. The city’s declaration that the shop was indeed illegal was based on a motion Fillion made approximately 20 years ago restricting sex retail shops to industrial areas.

“Both the business owner and property owner were advised by city staff that the proposed use is illegal and that, if the business opened, they would be charged,” Fillion said in the letter to residents.

“As a result, I am pleased to advise you that city staff were told that the lease has been canceled.”

He tweeted Thursday, noting the backlash from local residents: “Thanks to all who spoke up for our community. I received many emails, and 1 from a young female student concerned about the objectification of women wrote that such businesses ‘wrongly educate men that women are plastic dolls, rather than human beings who exist for male pleasure.'”

Meghan Murphy, editor of the Canadian website Feminist Current, concurs. Murphy weighed in on the controversy Friday, noting in an interview with CBC radio that doll brothels are similar to actual brothels in terms of the destructive messages they send to men about women, particularly that it turns them into objects.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter