Sad: US Mother Who Sold Her Twins to British Couple for $10,000 in 2001 Now Lays Claim to Them, as Their Adoptive Mother Reveals How She ‘Hijacked’ Their Graduation

The US mother who sold her twins to a British couple over the internet tried to force her way back into the kids’ lives 17 years later by ‘hijacking’ their graduation.

Tranda Wecker offloaded her identical daughters for her share of £8,200 in 2001 when they were just six months old.

The girls, Kiara and Keyara, 18, wanted nothing to do with their birth mother after the hurt she caused them throughout their lives.

But this year Wecker drove 600 miles from Florida to crash their high school graduation in Missouri and act like she’d played a role in their upbringing.

‘Tranda recently came up to attend the girls’ high school graduation in May but they knew what she was doing,’ their adoptive mother told the Mirror.

‘She wanted that picture with them to share in their success. The success was down to the girl’s hard work, nothing less.

‘The girls saw through it. They have met only a handful of times. Sometimes they have refused to see her they’ve been hurt so much.’

A former close friend of Wecker said she wanted to be pictured with the girls in their ceremonial gowns to make it look like she’d played a part in their lives.

When confronted about it, Wecker claimed ‘they were still her girls’ before being pictured for the first time in recent years.

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Source: Daily Mail