Lisa M. Rainey: God’s Word Applied to Back to School

Back to school is a return to routine

For many of us, the start of a new school year means we can get back to our routines. Yes, we may have to buy new school clothes, but the kids are off to school again. We can work at home or away from the house knowing our children are in a structured learning environment with trained professionals for the next seven hours.

Back to school holds a different meaning for each of us, and as a former teacher, back to school has especially significant meaning for me. During my teacher preparation program, I was taught child development, lesson planning and professional/academic teaching standards to guide my work and career.

Back to school is a return to longsuffering

As I soaked in God’s word to me this week during our Wednesday Bible study and Sunday’s sermon, the concept of longsuffering loomed large. Reflecting on this time of year and the idea of longsuffering, I could see vividly how God encourages teachers with this particular fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23).

While the rest of us get back to our routine(s), teachers are about to enter a plethora of the unpredictable. Any given day, legislators and governing bodies can put forth new laws, district and school administrators can change the game plan, parents can selfishly expect too much from teachers, and students can come to school sick, hungry, angry and/or unprepared for learning.

Since teacher annual salaries can still average around $45,000, some teachers must negotiate updating their own child’s wardrobe amidst saving for a rainy day at the same time many of us will purchase new school clothes for our kids without too much agony.

While the rest of us leave for work prepared to use our training, teachers often use their heads, hearts and hands in ways for which they were not trained. Even so, they must perform. Their jobs are on the line. More importantly, more than 20 pairs of young eyes are focused on them daily.

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Source: Baptist Standard