Gladys Knight Declares That She Has the Same Disease as Aretha Franklin Before Her Publicist Contradicts Her and States That She Does Not Have Pancreatic Cancer

Gladys Knight has revealed she is suffering from ‘the same disease’ as the late Aretha Franklin.

The singer said that she and the Queen of Soul ended up bonding the last time she spoke to her.

‘We shared the fact that we had the same disease,’ Knight told WDIV while attending the memorial service.

Franklin died of pancreatic cancer on August 16

‘We lost our Queen. She’s my sister and we are family,’ Knight said. ‘I didn’t want her to suffer. It’s not our business, its the Lord’s business. I am just glad to be here to honor her.

‘We had some good times. We grew up together. Our families were similar so we had things in common. We liked to eat and cook,’ Knight said as she walked into the service.

Knight ended up speaking about Franklin’s illness with Us Weekly earlier this week.

‘We all have our days,’ the 74-year-old said. ‘I mean, we have absolutely no control over that. The Lord tells us where we are going and tells us when we are coming.

‘So I’m not overly upset about it, and he knows how much each one of us can bear, and he calls us home with those things in mind. That’s the way I feel about it, because he loves us like that.’

Her publicist clarified on Friday afternoon that Knight does not have pancreatic cancer. “I’m not sure what she meant. Maybe she meant she feels her pain. But she does not have cancer,” Knight’s rep Javier Delgado told the Detroit News.

“She’s healthy. Someone must have misinterpreted,” said Delgado.

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Source: Daily Mail