Ex-Boyfriend of Aniya Mack Says he Killed her After Discovering Sext Messages from her Pastor On her Phone, Was Concerned Their Relationship Was Inappropriate

Donnovan Lewis / Aniya Mack
Donnovan Lewis / Aniya Mack

A 79-page police report released Thursday provides details behind the killing of Aniya Mack, particularly the argument she and her ex-boyfriend had regarding the nature of her relationship with her pastor, the Rev. Dr. Strickjavvar “Strick” Strickland.

Mack, a Western Michigan University student, was found dead in June after her ex-boyfriend, Donnovan Lewis, led police to her body in the Comstock Creek. Mack had previously been reported missing.

While police went to Mack’s apartment to look for her, Lewis approached the officers, put his hands behind his back and said: “Just take me in man, we’ll talk about it on the way,” according to the investigative report from the Kalamazoo Public Safety department.

Lewis, a former Kalamazoo Valley Community College basketball player also told the officers, “I killed my girlfriend.”

Strickjavvar "Strick" Strickland
Strickjavvar “Strick” Strickland

While on the way to police headquarters, Lewis told police he was angered by the type of relationship Mack appeared to be having with Strickland. Mack was a member of the church and was also driving what he believed to be a church-owned car.

Lewis said he discovered the relationship by going through Mack’s phone. Lewis found text messages dated June 16 that appeared to be from Strickland to Mack, saying, “I’m trying to give you the best d*@k of your life but you running from it.” Lewis told police that before he killed her, he and Mack got into an argument about the text messages and the nature of her relationship with the pastor.

The police report also details how Mack was driving a Chevrolet Malibu that might have been owned by Strickland. On July 19, Strickland called the Kalamazoo police department to inquire about the Chevy Malibu. Strickland explained to police that the vehicle was owned by his wife, Jazmonique, but that he could not locate the title for the vehicle. Strickland further told police that he spoke with Mack prior to her death and she said the title was folded up in the center console of the Malibu. Strickland also said he purchased the car with his wife but they never registered the car; although they did insure the car. The car was not released to Strickland.

The police report also states that Strickland purchased a cell phone for Mack and paid Mack’s rent on at least one occasion. Lewis claimed that Strickland threatened Mack for allegedly blackmailing him. After an all-expenses paid trip to Strickland’s native Mississippi, Mack reportedly told Lewis she was blackmailing Strickland to get her rent paid and that she had threatened to tell Strickland’s wife about the affair.

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SOURCE: Walter Smith-Randolph / NewsChannel 3 / WWMT