Woman Says Self-Proclaimed Prophet Kofi Danso Told Her She Would Die if She Didn’t Abort Their Baby

Kofi Danso, a self-style Toronto-based prophet and leader of the multi-campus Miracle for All Nations church, allegedly warned a congregant that God showed him she would die if she did not abort their child.

Danso who previously denied that he had an intimate relationship with his former lover and church member, Chris-Ann Bartley, has been proven through DNA testing to be 99.999996 percent the father of Bartley’s now 6-months-old son, The Star reported.

About two weeks ago Ontario Superior Court Justice Fred Myers dismissed a request by Danso to extend a publication ban and sealing order seeking to conceal his identity in a paternity lawsuit because he might suffer damage to his reputation and finances.

In a 13-page decision on Aug. 17, Myers explained why he dismissed Danso’s request.

“Ms. Bartley’s evidence is that when she approached Mr. Danso to tell him that she was pregnant, he asked her to have an abortion. When she declined, she claims that he told her that ‘the Lord showed him if I have the child I would die,'” Myers wrote.

The self-proclaimed prophet who is married to the Rev. JoAnne Danso, and has four daughters with her, says he was called by God to be an apostle and prophet “to raise champions and leaders in the 21st century church.” His wife is pregnant with twins.

In a July 10 affidavit, Danso said, “I did not have sexual relations with the respondent.” He swore Bartley’s claims “are designed in bad faith to make me pay child support for the child who was fathered by another man.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair