Pastor John MacArthur Says He Had No Idea Racism Existed in the Church Until Rise of the Social Justice Movement

Continuing his controversial series on the social justice movement among Christians, Pastor John MacArthur says he had no idea racism was a problem in the evangelical church until the rise of the “social justice” movement four years ago.

“Four years ago, I would not have thought it possible for Bible-believing evangelicals to be divided over the issue of racism. As Christians we stand together in our affirmation of the second great commandment (‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself’—Leviticus 19:18). We therefore stand together against every hint of racial animus,” wrote MacArthur who leads Grace Community Church in California, as well as The Master’s College and Seminary, on Monday.

While admitting that racism is a “stain on American history” with lingering vestiges, MacArthur argues that civil rights legislation now guards equal rights for all Americans.

He says while he can understand why those in secular culture will seek to fight racism under the banner of social justice, he sees no reason for evangelicals to take up that cause because he has never seen racism as a problem in any authentic evangelical church.

“I understand when fallen, worldly people filled with resentment lash out at others that way. I don’t understand why Bible-believing Christians would take up that cause. I thought the evangelical church was living out true unity in Christ without regard for race,” MacArthur said.

“That has certainly been my experience in every church I’ve ever been part of, and it’s also what I have seen in the wider evangelical world. I don’t know of any authentically evangelical church where people would be excluded or even disrespected because of their ethnicity or skin color,” he continued.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair