Michael Brown Writes an Appeal to the Mainstream Media to Admit to Fake News

I’m writing this appeal to all those involved on the front lines of the mainstream media with the hope that some of you will read these words and consider my appeal.

To be clear: 1) I believe there is bias on the right as well as on the left; 2) I believe that the great majority of you take your profession quite seriously and are trying to report accurately; 3) I don’t agree with all of the president’s rhetoric and I regret some of the charges he has brought against you; and 4) I believe the president himself is often the author of inaccurate information.

That being said, you hurt your own cause when you decry the very concept of “fake news” in your own midst. Do you really believe that you have not been affected by your extreme dislike for President Trump? Are you truly unaware that there are good reasons so many Americans question your credibility?

It’s not just an undisciplined president getting unruly crowds upset about “fake news.” It’s that your anti-Trump animus is often so loud it drowns out the report you are giving, especially in the context of TV news. (If the Trump-hatred doesn’t drown out your story, at the least, it negatively colors it.)

It’s one thing when, say, Frank Bruni writes a Trump-bashing (or, Bible-bashing) op-ed for the New York Times. We know what to expect.

It’s another thing when you report the news on CNN or NBC. We’re supposed to be hearing facts, not opinions. And by facts I mean carefully vetted facts. (Remember when “facts” actually meant facts and “news” didn’t contain such a mixture of truth and opinion and spin?)

I’m aware, of course, that everyone is racing to break the latest story, and in doing so, you have to trust the reliability of your sources. But what happens when your sources are biased? How much egg do you need on your faces before you say, “I understand why people are upset about fake news. We need to step higher. We need to do better.”

Consider the recent events with Lanny Davis, the famously pro-Clinton attorney for Michael Cohen.

According to a 2013 report in the Washington Post, “Since becoming Clinton’s media snake charmer in late 1996, Davis has been an irrepressible public gabber. He has been working the news media on behalf of clients for years, while also appearing incessantly on cable news and radio as a reliable liberal talking head, popping off about just about everything.”

Is this the kind of source on which you want to rely?

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Brown