Man, 68, Arrested for Threatening to Shoot Up and Bomb the Boston Globe Which He Called ‘The Enemy of the People’ Over Its Anti-Trump Coverage Is a ‘Loud Mouthed Know-it-all Who Creeps Out His Neighbors’

The Californian grandfather arrested for threatening to shoot up and bomb The Boston Globe’s offices in a series of foul-mouthed phone calls was described by neighbors as a loud ‘know it all’ who makes his female neighbors uncomfortable by cat calling them and constantly shouting.

Robert Chain, 68, was arrested in his boxers in a dawn raid on his home in Encino, California, on Thursday.

He is alleged to have called the Massachusetts newspaper 14 times between August 10 and August 22 threatening to shoot its staff because he was angry over their anti-Trump coverage.

Borrowing a phrase from Trump’s book, he called its journalists the ‘enemy of the people’ and said he would be there at 4pm on August 16 to ‘shoot them in the head’.

The threat triggered them to hire security and Boston police stood guard outside its offices as a precaution.

Speaking to on Thursday, neighbor Tim McGowan, who has lived across from Chain for nine years, said he tended to avoid him.

‘He’s a loud guy. He’s very bombastic and the few conversations I’ve had with him were enough to know he’s not my kind of personality .

‘He’s very opinionated and loud and a bit of a know-it-all.

‘Nevertheless, I was completely surprised to hear to what level he would express his opinions, he said.

Mr. McGowan said the neighborhood was not one where residents displayed their political beliefs proudly.

He was surprised to learn that Chain was a Trump supporter and had no idea that he owned guns. The FBI found multiple weapons at his home on Thursday including a recently purchased 9mm rifle.

The neighborhood they live in is not particularly political, he said. At most, residents may sometimes place campaign signs in their yards for local elections.

McGowan said Chain, who is always at home while his lawyer wife Betty is at work, can often be heard yelling from their home.

‘My wife avoids him all the time because she is not as patient as I am. She was just like, “He’s a jerk.” He would say stuff to her like, “hey beautiful” all the time. It just made her uncomfortable.

‘He wears shorts and no shirt around his yard and he is overweight,’ Mr. McGowan said.

It remains unclear what Chain does for work. His wife Betty is a lawyer but there is no tangible record of his career.

Mr. McGowan said his wife was also unfriendly.

‘Betty is a quiet type of person. I’d wave to her and two our of ten times she’d wave back and other times she wouldn’t respond. I don’t even bother anymore.’

According to prosecutors in Massachusetts, Chain called the newspaper for the first time on August 10 after it issued a rally cry to other publications asking them to join it in publishing an editorial about President Trump’s attacks on the media on August 16.

On August 16, when the newspaper published its scathing editorial of Trump as promised, Chain called up again and threatened to be at the office to shoot employees at 4pm.

In that call, he said: ‘You’re the f****** enemy of the people and we’re going to kill every f****** one of you.

‘Hey, why don’t you call the F, why don’t you call Mueller, maybe he can help you out buddy. Still there f****t? Alright, why, you going to trace my call?

‘What are you going to do motherf*****? You ain’t going to do s***. I’m going to shoot you in the f****** head later today. 4 o’clock. Goodbye,’ he said.

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Source: Daily Mail