Vatican Removes Pope Francis’ Comment Advising Parents to Seek Psychiatric Help for Homosexual Children

The Vatican has removed from its official account a comment made by Pope Francis in which he appeared to endorse sexual orientation change efforts therapy for youth.

Also called “conversion therapy” or “reparative therapy,” the practice involves using counseling to reduce or even remove same-sex attraction in an individual.

Following the World Meeting of Families gathering in Dublin, Ireland, Francis was asked his opinion on what parents should do if their children appear to be homosexual.

“When it shows itself from childhood, there is a lot that can be done through psychiatry, to see how things are. It is something else if it shows itself after 20 years,” the pontiff said, according to The Guardian.

However, the Vatican later omitted the comment about psychiatric help. The French publication AFP quoted an unnamed spokeswoman on Monday who explained that the change was made to better reflect Francis’ views.

“When the pope referred to ‘psychiatry,’ it is clear that he was doing it to highlight an example of ‘things that can be done.’ But with that word he didn’t mean to say that it (homosexuality) was a ‘mental illness,'” explained the spokeswoman.

The pope’s comments came after the World Meeting of Families, a major Catholic Church gathering that takes place every three years and focuses on issues of marriage and the family.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski